The first step is an in-person meeting or Zoom call between myself and the subject of the piece and a parent in the case 
of a minor. In this discussion I’ll 
be asking about the person’s interests and what they would 
like the poster to portray. After the conversation I will develop 
a Creative Brief that captures the details and what the creative goal of the poster is. This is sent to 
the client for approval. Next comes the portrait session. 
If the focus of the poster is about an activity we’ll photograph that. At that time we’ll also capture head and shoulder shots and various angles. With from 50-100 images to choose from, the edit begins. In the next step I will photograph or scan items and content loaned to me to be used as the other elements in the poster design. The more pieces to choose from and consider the better, but not everything can be included. 
I will ask if there are one or two “must haves”. Often ideas for additional images, or parts of images, come to mind. After 35 years of photography I have an extensive library of images to draw from. Any images I pull from my archive will be offered at no additional charge. The third step is the actual 
design. With a desired finished size agreed upon at the beginning, I will develop a design concept. 
I will then start integrating the elements and proceed to a 
final design. At the end of the project, when you get your poster, you will also receive the high-resolution digital file and all the images from the portrait shoot on an exterior hard drive. All loaned personal items will be returned at this time 
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