WINDSTAR CRUISES Windstar offers a luxury, small ship travel experience. After serving as Creative Director for a new brand campaign, I developed the new brand image style and then photographed the images for the print campaign and the first installment of the image library.
HOTEL BINIARROCCA Hotel Biniarrocca is a small, luxury hotel on the island of Menorca. 
It offers guests a setting full of mini sanctuaries personally designed by the hotel's British expat owner.
AQUAZ Fishing USA Aquaz offers premium waders and water proof products for use in over 30 countries in a wide range of applications including scientific, military and recreational activities.
Sant PATRICI Sant Patrici is a cheese factory 
on the island of Menorca, off the coast of Spain, offering a wide variety of gourmet, aged cheeses. All dairy and ingredients 
are sourced from local farms 
on the island.
GO KAYAKING TOURS Go Kayaking Tours offers a wide variety of eco-scenic tours throughout the state of Florida and beyond. The tours are designed to take guests off the beaten path for fun, safe, educational, hands-on kayaking experiences.
PHOTOGRAPHY Cinemagraphs
THE RAINIER CLUB The Rainier Club is a private social club. Located in an elegant, pre-war building, it's members represent a diverse collection of Seattle's business and cultural community.
AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION American Construction, 
based in Tacoma, Washington, is a leader in construction barges and equipment in 
the Northwest.
Holland America Line As a creative director and 
art director I led the establishment of the brand photo style. As a photographer I have contributed to the HAL image library with imagery including food, on board accommodations, service 
and destination.
MAASAI HONEY Maasai Honey is a non-profit dedicated to creating a sustainable business for Maasai women. The assignment was to create content for the new website, but also capture the excitement of Tanzania to be used in donor communications
USAF GRADUATION Graduation from Basic Training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas.
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FARM TO TABLE AT KRISTOFERSON FARM An evening in September at the Kristoferson Farm co-sponsored with Knudsen Winery.
REMEDY HEALTH MEDIA Remedy Health Media develops content for a variety of health and wellness related brands. The Big Shot series profiled women with MS who refuse to let the disease define who they are. I developed 
a different look and feel 
for each subject.
IXTAPA • ZIHUATANEJO The destination is unique in its offering of a modern vacation destination, like Cabo San Lucas (but not as big) and a traditional Mexican experience, like Puerto Vallarta (but not as big). The challange was to capture the dual personality of the destination 
and create content for the 
Food & Wine Festival.
COMPOSITE SOLUTIONS Composite Solutions is an aerospace company based in Tacoma, Washington. They specialize in manufacturing 
parts and fittings for small jets.
BETZ WINERY The Betz Winery is a family owned business in Woodinville, Washington.
CANOPY TOURS NORTHWEST CTNW is a premium zipline 
and forest adventure on 
Camano Island. The destination is located at the historic Kristoferson Farm and is the largest attraction on the Island. Content is used for the website, social media, collateral and digital advertising.
EXVERE Exvere is a mergers and acquisitions firm in Seattle. They are a small, four partner firm specializing in first-time sellers. Content is used for the website, 
white papers, strategy documents 
and presentations.
GLASS DISTILLERY Glass Distillery is a craft vodka distiller in SODO Seattle. They specialize in vodka distilled from grapes and in addition to a classic vodka, they offer a variety of others infused with ingredients such as honey and coffee. 
Content is used for the website, in-store marketing materials 
and print advertising.
THE WOMEN's COLLECTIVE The Women's Collective is an organization in Agadir, Morocco that processes argan seeds to produce a wide range of argan oil products from high-end cosmetics to high grade argan oil for cooking, an alternative to olive oil.
Smith Brothers Farms Unlike other home delivery services, Smith Brothers’ milkmen and women run traditional milk delivery routes. This social media portrait project puts faces on 
the people who get up every morning while most of the rest 
of us are still asleep.
#womensmarch On January 21st I covered the Women's March in Seattle. My goal was to capture the energy, optimism and sense of mission that was ever so palpable.
Lifelong.org Lifelong is an outreach organization born during the 
HIV/AIDS epidemic of the early 80's, where they brought meals to those that were home bound. 
I photographed at SODO distribution center where the meals are cooked and packaged, did a drive along where we took meals to clients and visited the headquarters in Capitol Hill.
Southside regional tourism aUthority An expansive project including 
several events and numerous locations promoting tourism for the cities of Seatac, Tukwilla and Des Moines. The content 
is to used throughout a wide variety of projects and channels.
MOONSHINE Moonshine Performance Wear 
makes high-quality, high visibility athletic wear for those whose training takes them into the dark of night as they prepare for triathlons, Iron Mans and other elite competitions. The initial assignment was to create content for the website connecting the reflective vest with the 
training triathlete.
Bread of Life Mission One of the largest homeless missions in the region, Bread of Life offers three meals a day and beds for up to 100 men a night. Content is used for the website and donor materials.
QUORUM Quorum is a Dallas-based software company that develops software for the energy industry. The objective was to capture 
the collaborative spirit that company considers one of its 
strongest brand attributes.
MultiCare The MultiCare campaign 
features portraits of real people throughout the Tacoma, WA area.